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Post Test
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How much have you learned? Check your civics knowledge after viewing the course. Can you pass (or get a better score!) now?

Demo Course
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The Demo Course gives you the chance to see the layout and sample content. It features 2 sample Questions out of the 100 Questions in the full course.

Civics Fundamentals
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Studying for the Naturalization test to become a U.S. citizen, or because it’s a requirement for your high school/college?

Or do you just want to better understand not just HOW the U.S. government is set up, but WHY?

Then Civics Fundamentals with Judge Ginsburg is for you!

60% of Americans cannot pass the Naturalization test. It’s hard to be an active part of your government when you don’t even know the basics!

This video-centered course will walk you through the whats, whens, whos, hows and most importantly, whys of all 100 questions from the Naturalization test bank, making your success much more likely!

What are you waiting for? Start learning and earning badges on the way to Supreme Civics Champion NOW!

Expires After: Does not Expire

The pre-test checks what you know right now about civics. Give it a try! Then take the course and learn even more.